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Beverage Catering Service

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Questions: What is your regular hourly Rate?
Quick Answer: Bartender service's rate cost:
$175.00 & Up (First 5 hours) additional hours $47.00
(You will get 5% off the second bartender and 10% for a third Bartender). Get a Quote | Contact us

Wait Staff Service Rate:
$158.00 & Up (First 5 hours) additional hours $38.00
For detail staff pricing click here.
All existing clients always get a 10% discounted rates.

The rates shown are effective for reservation made within 07 days in advance through our web site for any non holiday days. Rates will vary during the holidays and rush hour times. An administrative Fee (Office Fee Charge) will be added to all reservations.
Fee is: $18.00 or 12.7% per service.

Do you offer discount Rates?
To all existing clients, fraternities and non-profit corporations.
Current Promotion: " Happy New Year 2018 "

I Wondered If The Bartenders Have Their Own Gear?
Yes, our bartender's usually bring the following items:
1 Shaker
1 Ice Scoop
1 Small Ice Bucket
1 Corkscrew
1 Bottle Opener
1 Can Opener
1 Long-Handle Spoon
1 Margarita Salt Tray
1 Jiger
1 Strainer
1 Paring Knife & Cutting Board

Optional Items :
6'ft - 8’ft Bar with linen (Additional Fee will apply, example: Delivery) $65.00   
Blender (Additional Fee will apply, example: Delivery) $15.00
Spirits, Mixers, Ice and Garnish (Additional Fee will apply) 179.00 + ITEMS + Delivery
Portable Bar

Guest Count
We'll ask you to provide a guest count two days prior to your event. Changes in the final guest count may result in additional charges.

How Many Bartenders Will I Need?
Usually our bartenders can handle 1-80 people per bartender.  Example: If you have a party with a 80+ guests, it's required that you have 2 bartenders or 1 bartender and a 1 bar-back.

Cancellation and Deposit
If you cancel or postpone your event, 72 hours prior to the date of the event, will charge a cancellation fee. If you cancel or postpone your event less than 72 hours prior to the date of the event, you may be responsible for payment in full. No Cash Refund. We provide only credit to your next event.
Cancellation Fee is $25.00 (Per Bartenders or Server)

Need Us In Costume?
We will come dressed to impress for any occasion. Additional charges will apply. Regular Costume Fee is $ 96.00 per staff (This fee is non-refundable)

Are Your Bartenders and Wait Staff Certified?
All bartenders from Mobile Bar Tenders have attended and completed the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control's Licensee Education on Alcohol and Drugs, Alcohol Seller/Server Training Program -also known as TAM. All our bartenders are required to have TAM certification.

Your liability does not end when the event is completed. You can be held accountable for someone else's actions even after the event is over. A common misunderstanding is that general liability and homeowner policies will cover an alcohol-related claim. The only type of insurance that will cover such a claim is liquor liability.