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Beverage Catering Service

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Mobile Bar Tenders

Congratulations!  You have found Michiana’s most unique and best Mobile Bar & Beverage Catering Service!  Mobile Bar Tenders offers professional and outstanding mobile bar & beverage catering service equipped with assisting you in creating a unique bar experience. Whether you are hosting a wedding reception, corporate event, or special holiday party –casual or formal– Mobile Bar Tenders will take care of all your drink service needs.  No matter how big or small, we cater them all!  Allow Mobile Bar Tenders to be the perfect addition to your memorable event!   Contact Mobile Bar Tenders today for your free consultation.


Looking to host an event that will have your friends, family, or co-workers buzzing for months?  Mobile Bar Tenders has over 30 years of experience in hospitality and beverage catering.  Mobile Bar Tenders is ready to customize the perfect solution to meet all your beverage needs and help you impress your guests. When your guests first walk through that door, imagine the look on their faces when they see your professional bartenders, and servers hard at work.  Finally! You can enjoy the party you planned and take all the credit!

You can stand there and mix drinks yourself, but then you're working all night.  At your last event, you did not use a bartending service; you figured you’d let the guests mix their own drinks, and what happened?  You spent the greater part of the evening fetching cups, opening bottles of wine, and eyeing the ice bucket, and then you spend three hours on clean-up!  For your next event, hire a team from Mobile Bar Tenders.


Mobile Bar Tenders Bar & Beverage Catering Service brings behind-the-scene action front and center by using our team as a visual component to your event.  The visual component –uniforms and bar set-up, color coordinated to your specifications, personalize drink menu, customize menu board– make ordinary events memorable! Highly articulate and professional, our staff will converse with your guests and promote your image.  From extravagant parties to intimate settings, we are the perfect accessory to complement your event needs.

Mobile Bar Tenders aims to bring back extraordinary customer service as a standard in the hospitality business for each and every one of our clients.  We love to have fun and bring good times to those around us with great cocktails and top notch service.
Mobile Bar Tenders emphasizes quality and convenience.  We provide our clients with memories they can share with family and friends for years to come.